CONCRETE JUNGLE Is Coming This October From Scout Comics!

The year is 1986. The streets of Atom City-Miami crawl with extra-terrestrials, robots, and genetic mutations. Crime is a plague. There are no good guys. There are no bad guys.There are only survivors. Welcome to the Jungle.


Sheldon Allen, writer – Spider-Man Unlimited, Crucified

Karl Mostert, artist – Dceased: Unkillables, The Man Who F#%&ed Up Time

Matt Bowers, letters – MEMPHIS, The High Priest of Rhythmic Noise

Warnia Sahadewa, colors – Wayfinder, Dry Foot

When a rogue telepath begins hijacking unsuspecting minds and bodies to commit vicious crimes, crooked Detective Annie Brunson is charged with cracking the case with her new straight laced telepathic partner, Faith Jones. Set among a backdrop of urban decay, exotic aliens, robots, and genetic mutations, Concrete Jungle is a science fiction police tale like no other, vividly brought to life by writer Sheldon Allen, burgeoning superstar artist Karl Mostert, letterer Matt Bowers, and colorist Warnia Sahadewa.


“Concrete Jungle is a love letter to my hometown of Miami and the city’s unique 1980’s setting. Given that special meaning, it was a no brainer to once again partner with Scout Comics in delivering my baby to the masses.

As proud as I am of the story, my greatest joy comes from highlighting the art team who helped create this crazy world you’ll be experiencing over an initial course of four issues. Rookie of the year Karl Mostert’s pencils are a revelation. Colorist Warnia Sahadewa might be comics best kept secret. And Matt Bowers’ letters make him the unsung hero of the series.

I simply cannot wait for audiences to delve into the madness we’ve cooked up and get to know Annie. Trust me when I tell you: you’ve never met anyone like her.”

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