ComiXology and Canadian Comics Creator Von Allan team-up on Wolf’s Head

Ottawa, Ontario (April 22, 2020): ‘Wolf’s Head,’ an ongoing comic book series written and illustrated by Canadian comics creator Von Allan, has now arrived on ComiXology, a digital distribution platform for comic books. This is the first time that the series has been available in a digital format, world-wide.

‘Wolf’s Head’ features Lauren Greene, a young woman who quits her job as a police officer after becoming frustrated with police violence. Coincidentally, as she’s walking away from the police force over violence, a huge corporation across town is celebrating its creation of a brand new Artificial Intelligence (or AI) that it plans to use for war. There’s a twist, though; before the organization can use its new AI for violence, the AI crosses paths with Lauren’s mom, Patty, who is a janitor at the corporation. Patty is a kind figure and the AI, brand new to humanity, immediately bonds to her, rejects its creators, and escapes. Patty ends up with the AI and asks Lauren for help. Despite being broke and a bit lost herself, Lauren can’t walk away from her mom and reluctantly agrees to help…though she can’t begin to predict the consequences of that one hurried decision.

“’Wolf’s Head’ is an action-adventure series set in our real world and it takes place in real time,” said Allan. “That means characters age, struggle to make rent and pay bills, and deal with day to day situations that so many of us know well. But it’s not all struggle. ‘Wolf’s Head’ is also an action-adventure story with some sci-fi elements, lots of wonder, and a whole lot of fun! I’m having a great time writing and drawing the series and I think that comes through in the storytelling and the characters.”

“I’ve had a few other titles on ComiXology, but bringing ‘Wolf’s Head’ to this platform is a big step for the series,” added Allan. “One of the things I love about ComiXology is their ‘Guided View’ technology, which basically guides the readers through the pages, panel by panel, so that they don’t miss any pictures or text.  I also like that ComiXology works on all devices, which really opens up the readership possibilities for ‘Wolf’s Head’. I’m really looking forward to hearing what readers think as they get into the series for the first time on digital!”

About Von Allan: Von Allan was born red-headed and freckled in Arnprior, Ontario, just in time for “Star Wars: A New Hope.” The single child of two loving but troubled parents, Von split most of his childhood between their two homes. Additional information about Von Allan can be found at

Von was a finalist for the 2020 Peter Honeywell Mid-Career Artist Award (in part for his ‘Wolf’s Head’ artwork) and was the recipient of the Corel Endowment Fund for the Arts Award in 2014 and the CBC Trailblazer Award in 2019.

Von was also featured in “The Exhibitionists,” a CBC Arts profile ( and was featured in the documentary film “I Am Still Your Child” (

About Wolf’s Head: ‘Wolf’s Head’ is the story of Lauren Greene, a young woman who quits her job as a police officer in Detroit and consequently struggles to pick up the pieces and find her place in society. After her mom makes an astounding discovery at a research facility, Lauren must fight for their lives against forces that will stop at nothing to stop them. The first issue of ‘Wolf’s Head’ can be found on ComiXology at

About ComiXology: ComiXology, an, Inc. subsidiary, is a revolutionary, cloud-based digital comics service. With content from over 125 publishers as well as thousands of independent creators from around the world, comiXology provides an unrivaled library of comic books, graphic novels, manga, and bandes dessinées. ComiXology is based in New York City, with operations in Seattle and Los Angeles. For more information visit

Von Allan

Quote: “We find in the myths no sense of bitterness at the harshness and unfairness of life, but rather a spirit of heroic resignation; humanity is born to trouble, but courage, adventure, and the wonders of life are matters of thankfulness, to be enjoyed while life is still granted to us. The great gifts of the gods were readiness to face the world as it was, the luck that sustains men in tight places, and the opportunity to win that glory which alone can outlive death…The dangers of this view of the world lay in a tendency towards lack of compassion for the weak, an over-emphasis on material success, and arrogant self-confidence: indeed the heroic literature contains frank warning against such errors.” Hilda Roderick Ellis Davidson, GODS AND MYTHS OF NORTHERN EUROPE

Documentary Film: I’m in a documentary film! Yes! I AM STILL YOUR CHILD is a sensitive look at growing up with a parent struggling with mental illness. The film can be watched via the CBC. The trailer for the film is on Youtube. Neat, eh?

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