Comics and Casinos – Funny Ways to Bet

Casino games based on famous comic books are another creative innovation in the gambling industry that has become quite popular in the last decade. And as a result of fierce competition among online operators, the pleasure has become quite affordable and hassle-free too. You only need to find a $5 deposit casino NZ, take a few minutes to set up an account, and select a comic game that you would like to start with.

In this article, we will introduce some of the most famous, commercially successful, and funniest games and characters that the modern gambling market has to offer. We hope that this short list will help you look at the world of online casinos from a completely different point of view, and have plenty of hilarious moments for many nights to come as well.


Enter the Tomb Raider

With almost 90,000,000 copies in circulation, Tomb Raider remains the unrivaled champion of the comic gaming market. Being sexually appealing, funny, and intellectual at the same time, Lara Croft has conquered the minds of gamers on all continents and earned her place on the Guinness World Records and Walk of Game.

But it was in 2013 that Crystal Dynamics made Lara shine with the most exquisite graphic designs and visual effects ever seen. This video game is absolutely a must and needs no further introduction.


Gambling Apocalypse

This is the story of an experienced yet unfortunate gambler named Kaiji, who is desperately trying to pay off his debts to a ruthless Yakuza gang. With a plot full of funny and terrifying twists, the game will take you through all the ingenious tricks that the hapless hero comes up with to stay alive, save up the required amount and avoid the labor camp.

Originally written and released in Japan in 1996, the story has become so popular that there are now more than twenty million copies of it circulating in that country alone. And from a technical gambling perspective, the game is a must for anyone who would like to learn the essential tricks and tactics required for winning in the highest payout online casinos.


Compulsive Gambler

Another comic book that comes from Japan, Kakegurui quickly became the world’s most beloved story of bad education, and the game now boasts more than five million copies in circulation. The story introduces a completely novel and not quite pedagogical concept of secondary education, in which pupils do not go to classes at all, earning their marks and grades by wagering their money against their classmates instead.

The only condition for entering the school is that students must come from very rich and influential families; otherwise, they will most likely not have enough dough to gamble their way to final graduation. And if a pupil loses in the process, he becomes a slave to his classmates. The students are all trying to cheat constantly, of course, and the main tactic is to see through their tricks and outsmart them in their games.


Beware the Hulk

No list of comic characters on the gambling market would be complete without the Incredible Hulk. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby sixty years ago, this jumbo has now become the superhero of one of the most popular video games in the world. The plot of the slot game closely resembles the original story, but the graphics, animation, and sound effects have taken it up to a completely new level of sophistication and beauty.

The actual game consists of five progressive stages, in which the Hulk has to collect the precious capsules to boost his powers of destruction and deplete those of his main opponents to overthrow them in the end. The ultimate goal is to reach and destroy the arch-enemy, the Leader.

The Incredible Hulk has gone through a number of modifications and upgrades, but it was Nintendo, the world’s most famous gaming software provider, that released the most successful version of it in 2008. And despite the mixed initial reception, the game continues to rank high and enjoy an enormous circulation all over the world.



Casino games have always been gripping and fun, and now they can be comic as well. Modern video slots can now keep you awake and laughing through the night, thanks to the constant development of computer technology and the relentless efforts of the world’s leading software providers to make their products ever more artistic and entertaining.

We have only introduced a few top characters with worldwide recognition. You will discover a lot more of them on the online gambling market. The first thing is to find a reliable online casino that will provide you with a large selection of games to play with a minimal deposit. And we hope that our article will get you started on your journey through the world of comic casino games.

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