ComicBooks For Kids! PSA

A series of public service announcements for a St. Charles-based charity has garnered multiple international film awards and will vie for a Chicago/Midwest Emmy nomination this summer.

ComicBooks For Kids! CB4K.ORG, and ComicBooks For Troops! CB4T.ORG is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides new comic books and pop culture items to children in hospitals and cancer centers across the United States as well as the military throughout the world. Mark Weiss, Founder, and President of CB4K produced the spots along with Mark Starks of Midland, MI.

Weiss started the charity three years ago. It now supports 175 hospitals in every state of the country. At the end of last year, a sister charity, ComicBooks For Troops was also started and has already provided 12,000 comic books to the military in the last several months. “We are thrilled to work with Mark Starks and his creative personality,” Weiss said. “It is all about the kids and creating awareness to help as many children as we can. Mark is helping us achieve that goal.”

Starks, an award-winning comic book creator, and filmmaker approached Weiss a year ago with an idea for a series of televised spots to draw more attention to the charity. “As a comic book and pop culture fan, I’m a big believer in the mission,” Starks said. It’s been an honor to work with Mark, the voice actors, and animators.”

The campaign premiered on Chicago Access Network Television (CAN TV) last summer and is slated for distribution to cable stations nationwide. It has received more than one dozen global film awards to date, according to and the Internet Movie Database. The wins include voice-over awards for Hollywood actors Paul Ganus and Wally Wingert. Weiss has also received a Communitas Service Award for excellence in community service and corporate social responsibility as a result of the campaign.

Comic Books For Kids is a GuideStar Platinum charity that is awarded to 1/2 of 1% of the 3.5 million charities in the US.

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