COMIC TALK with Luis Rivera

Luis Rivera has worked in the comic book industry for many years and on such great titles as The Sensational G-Girl, The Mis-Adventures of Adam West, Robin The Hood, Fun Adventure Comics, King City, Champions, War’s Chosen, Vampires Unlimited: Shades of Things to Come, Old School, The Powerhouse, Fire Fox, Pirate Bay, and C.L.A.W.S. Luis also inked Team Colossus. He is joining G-Man Comics for Blue Bolt origin. Luis is the artist on G-MAN COMICS UNITED #2

First Comics News: When did you first discover comics?

Luis Rivera: Would have to say maybe in the Masters of the Universe toys from the ’80s, they use to come with a mini-comic.

1st: What attracted you to them?

Luis: The wonderful colored fantasy stories, all that energy in the different styles of stories and art.

1st: Where did you study art?

Luis: I didn’t, I learned drawing by observation and practice, later on, I pick up some books and advice from fellow artists.

1st: What was your first published work?

Luis: It’s hard to exactly remember the very first time, it’s been 11 years since I consider my publish carrier with the independent creators, but would say: Yin Yang Bounty Hunter from Arcana Studio.

1st: How did you get your first break, into comics?

Luis: By knocking doors here and there. Lots of times with no luck, but all you need is one door to open, work hard, have a good job ethic and more doors will be waiting for you.

1st: How did you get involved with G-Man Comics?

Luis: Remember thinking that would love to draw something for them. I was liking what they were printing and one day out of the blue I got the chance to draw a story, I was recommended by a friend.

1st: How much freedom do you have creatively with the comics?

Luis: I try to get as close to what the writer envisioned for his script. I do change things around a bit if favored the story.

1st: What makes a good comic story?

Luis: Definitely the characters, the way the writers tell their stories.

1st: What is it like working with Rik, Jim, and Eric?

Luis: Very easy.

1st: What else are you working on?

Luis: Lots of stuff, always something on my table, from space operas, superheroes, occultists, horror, you name it.

1st: Good luck to you on the current Kickstarter, readers can find it at

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