COMIC TALK with Alan Faria

Alan Faria is an illustrator and comic artist from Araraquara SP, Brazil. He has illustrated children’s magazines and newspapers in Araraquara in the 2000s. He also has worked as an illustrator in advertising. Some of his work can be seen in comics from DC Entertainment and Dynamite Entertainment, where he worked as an art assistant. And now is an artist for G-Man Comics.

Geo Aria: When did you first discover comics?

Alan Faria: In the 90s I saw amazing adaptations of Bruce Lee films. Also during this period, the publisher (BR) Nova Sampa published “As Aventuras de Bruce Lee nº 1 – Guerrilla against the mafia” after that I saw the series of Malibu 1994 (publisher Escala em Brasil).

Geo: What attracted you to them?

Alan: I always liked fight movies in my childhood, then seeing it in comics, panel by panel, was fantastic.

Geo: When did you start drawing superheroes?

Alan: I read Marvel Comics Presents #48, with art by Erik Larsen, and I saw Wolverine for the first time! It’s was really cool! After that, I was to draw superheroes.

Geo: Where did you study art?

Alan: Sebastião Seabra had a school in the city where I lived, he gave me lessons in comics and human anatomy, he published his cartoons and strips in the city’s newspapers. He also had many books of his works published in Brazil.

Geo: What was your first published work?

Alan: I started with colors for the Kato #4 comic in 2010

Geo: How did you get your first break, into comics?

Alan: I was being managed by Glasshouse Graphics in 2010 they gave me the first opportunities.

Geo: How did you get involved with G-Man Comics?

Alan: A collector of original comic art ask me to ink and color some of his pieces by Rich Buckler and Ramnona Fradon, the colored art was shown in Facebook groups, and suddenly I ended up working on G-Man Comics, I was really cool.

Geo: What do you like most about the G-Men?

Alan: The G-Men universe is fantastic, I am impressed by the creativity of the authors and I am surprised by each new idea that they show me.

Geo: How much freedom do you have creatively with the comics?

Alan: I try to enter the world of each creators’ ideas, then I put what appeared in my mind to paper. I am getting positive feedback, I think this is going well.

Geo: What is it like working with Rik?

Alan: Great, he’s a great creator, it’s an honor!

Geo: What else are you working on?

Alan: I’m concentrating on a few projects, I don’t have time for more, and I’m happy with that.


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