Comic merchandise that will never go out of fashion

Comic merchandise can come in all forms from clothing to figurines and collectibles as comic fans go to great lengths to track down some of the most rare findings associated with their favourite program, film, or character.

Comic merchandise is appearing everywhere nowadays with the internet playing a massive role. Whilst the likes of Amazon and they have enabled comic fans to purchase merchandise from around the globe, the rise of online gambling has led to sites such as Caesars online casino offering a number of superhero themed slots.

This allows fans to have the chance to both earn money and play a game that features their chosen franchise and hero. But, just what comic merchandise can be described as the best?


Superman T-shirts and hoodies

Walking down the street, there may be people wearing designer gear from head to foot. But, just occasionally, a member of the public may be seen wearing Superman merchandise from the DC franchise. That is, T-shirts and hoodies that have the Superman logo emblazoned on the front, making it impossible to miss.

Designer shops such as River Island and Zavvi have both adorned the Superman logo onto their T-shirts and jumpers and have even adapted the logo with shades of black and white rather than colour to give a more modern effect.


The Hulk figurine

The imposing, muscular build of the Hulk, colored in green, is hard to ignore as a draw for children and collectors. The tagline “Hulk Smash!” is uttered by the huge figure in films and it has also become a popular outburst, with memes sporting the statement as children in particular use the Hulk as a way to channel their own anger. The Hulk has also inspired a number of real-world structures, including theme park attractions.


Spiderman comics

Often a big hit with youngsters or for those attending Comic-Con, the Spiderman comics have played a huge role in a lot of children’s upbringing. Having become Marvel’s flagship character and the company’s mascot, Spiderman has infiltrated into everyday people’s lives. The world’s most profitable superhero, Spiderman global retail sales reached approximately $1.3 billion in 2014 with the web-spinner now the highest-grossing American comic book superhero.


Batman video games

By far the most popular video games of a comic character, Batman is a household name in the gaming world. Since 1986, the DC character has starred in a number of video games, among them, the most successful, Batman: Arkham series, in which there have been four installments and which have attained over 90% satisfaction.

Batman has also become a mobile phone phenomenon too with a multitude of games and slots available on iOS and Android to help keep fans occupied for hours at a time.


The Joker mask

First appearing in the first-ever Batman comic in 1940, the Joker has since become something of a terrifying yet satirical character. Played superbly on film by Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix, the Joker is now credited as being one of the most memorable comic book villains of all time.

But, it’s not only the way in which the Joker has been played as this psychopath with a deranged sense of humour, it’s his appearance too which has struck a chord with fans. The bright, bleached skin, green hair and crimson lips, have become a hit in a number of fancy-dress costumes, particularly on Halloween as the Joker seeks to frighten the life out of those he meets.

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