TidalWave Comics is proud to announce that comic book writer, Andrew Shayde, is taking on one of reality tv’s toughest challenges, Naked and Afraid on the Discovery Channel.

Andrew Shayde, traveled from his hometown of Lexington, Kentucky, to a remote area in Limpopo, South Africa, where he and a partner had to work together to survive 21 days in the wild. His partner, Elizabeth Hensley from Ashville, New York had to build their shelter, make fire, and boil their water which they got from a small muddy pond, which also served as their bathtub. During the course of their challenge, they had to ward of bugs like scorpions and blood-sucking ticks and be wary of the predators that would circle their shelter at night like leopards and baboons.

“My experience was very real. Nothing was staged. Animals don’t work for the production team. If they want to eat, they will eat you.” said writer Andrew Shayde. “The danger was real. I joke, it’s not fun unless your life is in danger!”

Andrew Shayde is also a former contestant of the Emmy-winning reality tv series The Amazing Race, works for the nonprofit Arbor Youth Services in Lexington, KY, and wrote graphic novel series like Monsters Among Us and Stormy Daniels: Space Force. Shayde has been a panelist at events such as New York City Comic Con.

“While we were out there, disconnected from the outside world, I gave my partner and I superhero names. I was Captain South Africa, and she was the mighty Snake Huntress.” Andrew said. “We caught a snake and made that dinner one night.”

Naked and Afraid, season 12, episode 10 will air on April 18th, on the Discovery Channel. It is currently available now, on Discovery+.

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