Comic Book Themed Slots Booming Online

It isn’t a big secret that slot games are much better and more exciting nowadays than they were even 10 and, of course, 20 years ago. If you’re a casino fan who loves playing slot machines, you should definitely pay attention to the historical background of slots. Charles Fey is known as an inventor of slot machines. People saw the first slot machines in 1895 and since then the interest in them has been only growing. Because of the great popularity of online casinos at the present time, virtual slot games are also moving with the spirit of times offering their punters more opportunities and diversity. Actually, you always have the opportunity to check out this by visiting some of the best and most recommended gambling sites like JackpotCity,, Kazino247, and so on.  

But the main feature of today’s slots isn’t that they are easily accessible. It is that they all have different themes. By the way, the most popular and sought-after slots among casino connoisseurs are slot machines with comic book themes.

Just think about how many superheroes and villains from comic books do you know? Well, many… very very many! Are Spiderman, Batman or Dark Knight, Flash the first names that come to your mind? That means that you’re thinking in the right direction and such slots that are based on famous characters from DC Comics and Marvel Comics will be in the list of the top slots forever. That’s why the number of comic book slot games on the gambling market isn’t possible to count. In this case, let’s take a closer look at the favorites among comic book-themed slots.

Suicide Squad Slot

One of the most desirable DC Comics-themed slots designed by Playtech, Suicide Squad is a spectacular online video slot machine based on the 2016 superhero movie of the same title. A rocking soundtrack, amazing graphics and remarkable signs on the reels including a range of weapons and cross pendants can impress anyone and make them hang out for a few hours.

This slot comes with a 3-row and 5-feel grid and 50 paylines. It also features stacked hero symbols drawn from the iconic blockbuster movie that provide players with Suicide Squad Wilds. In addition, there is an Enchantress Mode feature as well as everyone can win four progressive jackpots at Suicide Squad by chance.

Thor Slot Machine

Due to the wide popularity of the blockbuster movie called Thor – the character from Marvel Comics, Playtech created the Thor Slot Machine in 2013. This slot option offers 5 reels and 30 paylines with a great design in the Nordic mythological style and gripping soundtrack that puts players into the enigmatic world of Asgard. Luckily for the Thor fans, the slot is filled with the characters from the movie. So you can see Loki and Jane as symbols on the reels as well as an awesome animated introduction. The Thor slot game gives the opportunity to strike big with the Marvel Jackpot and use a selection of fantastic bonus features.

Green Lantern Slot

One more extremely popular DC Comics’ superhero is Green Lantern and, of course, such a well-known software provider as Playtech can’t ignore this famous comic book as well as the movie! Thus, in 2013 Green Lantern Slot was introduced to the gambling world. A 5-reel 3-row and 15 playline slot machines offer 243 various ways of winning. This slot with unexpected stunts and excellent graphics, with the futuristic design and the background made from all shades of green, impresses and mesmerizes. The most valuable symbols on the reels are the icon of Green Lantern himself, Hector Hammond, and Sinestro. The special green ring that gives Green Lantern his superpowers is the wild that can replace all other signs on the reels.

Iron Man 2 Slot

The Iron Man 2 slot machine that Playtech created in 2010 is a stunning Marvel-themed video slot that includes all the outstanding Tony Stark moments from the heroic movie. As a logical extension of the Iron Man slot, the second part surprises gamblers with a clean and crisp design. Besides, the Iron Man 2 slot lets players win more and more often with lavish bonus offers and a progressive jackpot. The slot game has 5 reels and 25 paylines where you can see wild symbols and scatters which increase chances of winning.   

Wolverine Slot

A mega superhero Wolverine became the main character of one more breathtaking comic book themed slot released by Playtech in 2015. As a 5-reel 25-playline video slot game, it astounds casino lovers with its unordinary design – the reels are placed near a massive metal door and the hero who guards the door and probably the reels. The icon of Wolverine himself is the wild symbol that allows winning more. Besides, there are a lot of symbols presented by the characters from the comics as well as standard card signs. The Wolverine slot game provides several bonuses offers like Free Spins, Stacked Wilds, and Berserker Rage. 


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