Comic Book Slots Booming Online

How much time do you spend reading comics or watching the latest superhero movies? Plenty, of course, but now there are even more ways to enjoy heroes such as Batman, The Suicide Squad, and Spiderman. The legalization of online gaming in many US states has seen fans playing a fun selection of comic-themed slot games, all with cash prizes to be won.

This ability to play online superhero slot games hasn’t always been available. It still isn’t in many US states, as will soon be explained. For decades, it was the Federal Government’s decision on whether betting in individual states was made legal.

A long campaign eventually changed the online gambling industry in the US. 2018 saw a US Supreme Court judge ruled that it was up to each individual state to make this important decision. Many states have gone ahead and legalized gambling, keen to get their hands on the tax revenue gambling can bring.

It’s been a frustrating time for gamblers. They see other states legalizing gambling and being able to bet on sports and slots. Help is at hand, though, as the gambling revolution continues in the US.

Michigan Progress

This year has already been a massive one for people in Michigan. Not only has someone won a $1bn Mega Millions jackpot, but the state has also legalized online casinos. January saw ten online casinos opening with top industry names such as DraftKings, FanDuel, William Hill, and Golden Nugget, all being granted licenses.

More states will follow down this route in the future, but when? There’s plenty of information online about states like California, which is yet to legalize online gambling.

With the current economic climate, it will be the desire to receive tax revenue to see more states join the gambling revolution. Good news for state finances and even better news for those who want to play superhero slot games.

California has already legalized several gambling forms, but residents still can’t go online and legally gamble. With the state having a huge budget deficit, moves to legalize online gambling are likely to be passed sooner or later. Then it’ll be time to register with new online casinos and start playing those great superhero slot games.

Slots have undergone many changes in recent years, all for the better. They were rather basic in the past, and fruit, 7s, and bars dominated symbols.

Massive improvements in technology have changed everything. Now games are a lot more complicated with hundreds, sometimes thousands of paylines. There are lucrative bonus games, progressive jackpots, and the graphics are stunning. The games now adopt specific themes, and that’s where the comic book heroes come into play.

Slot designers love to create games that already have a captive audience. Superheroes, of course, fit into this perfectly. There’s a good number of Batman-related slot games that you can play online. Several of them are linked to the classic 1960s series with symbols that will bring back so many memories.

Others are related to the newer movies, especially The Dark Knight films. The bonus with these games and those related to DC superheroes is the inclusion of a progressive jackpot. This sees players able to win life-changing amounts on the spin of one reel.

Another game that players are particularly enjoying is ‘The Suicide Squad‘ slot game. The movie may not have been the greatest of successes, but the slot game is incredibly popular. One reason why superhero fans love these slots games is the way they include the most popular characters.

This slot includes The Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, El Diablo, and Katana. There’s the Enchantress Mode to boost your chances of getting some good wins. Throw in four progressive jackpots, and it’s no wonder those now legally able to gamble are rushing to play these games.

A lot more superhero movies are on their way in the coming years. It’s now an established process that slot games will be part of the massive money-making process. Even the not so successful films end up as slots.

Fans may not have thought a great deal of the Green Lantern movie, but the slot version has been a great deal more successful. Now more and more superhero fans can play these games, their popularity and the number made available will continue to soar higher than Superman, another popular theme for slot games.

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