Comic book reviews: Big Bang Adventures #14

“Remember when comics were fun? Big Bang Comics does. Big Bang is a retro series, honoring the creators, styles, and characters from the Golden and Silver Ages right up to modern times. Enjoy eighty years of faux comics history in the pages of Big Bang Comics!”

Big Bang Adventures #14 is another fun, exciting installment of Gary Carlson’s great Bronze Age-inspired comic book series.

“Galahad! Cyclone! Moray! They were the sidekicks of the Round Table Of America, but they grew up, and life happened. Later, they reformed as the Whizzards and eventually disbanded. Now, when a new menace and a deep mystery unfolds, Galahad has to reach out to his former companions to reform the Whiz Kids! Cyclone, Gargoyla, Vestal, Cosmica, Ogun, and Zodiac are all here!”

I’ve definitely been looking forward to “The Last Whiz Kids Story, Part 1” as it’s penciled by Spanish artist Jorge Santamaría. Two decades ago Santamaría did amazing work on the Avengers: Celestial Quest miniseries from Marvel Comics. It’s great to see Santamaría’s art once again in American comic books. He does a superb job drawing Pedro Angosto’s story.  Santamaría’s penciling on this double-sized issue of Big Bang Adventures is effectively complemented by Juan Moreno’s inking and Daniele Caramanico’s vibrant coloring. Rounding out the creative team is Adam Pruett on letters.

This 48 page full color issue is available from Indy Planet in two formats: $0.99 for a digital download and $5.99 for a physical print-on-demand copy. Order 5 or more physical copies of Big Bang Adventures #14 and get 25% off, a good deal for comic stores & retailers.

Also be sure to check out previous issues of Big Bang Adventures, as well as the spin-off series Anomalies, all of them available as digital downloads and print-on-demand physical copies from Indy Planet.

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