Comic book heroes and villains that have inspired our favorite online games

From DC Comics to Marvel, the comic book world and all of its weird and wonderful characters have proven fertile ground for online game developers over the past few decades.

Many of the heroes and villains on the pages of the most popular comics are larger-than-life characters that are ubiquitous around the globe – you don’t need to be a DC Comics nut to know all about Batman, for example.

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that stars of the page have made their way onto the screen, both in movie franchises bearing their name and in online games.

Which are the best games inspired by comic book heroes and villains? Here’s a quick rundown.


  1. Harley Quinn

It’s fair to say that the Suicide Squad movie divided opinion – a sequel is scheduled for 2021, incidentally, but the comic books bearing that colorful array of characters – including The Brave and the Bold #25 – remain cult classics.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is a console game that can be played online in single-player and co-op mode, with up to four gamers taking on the role of the various characters, including Harley Quinn.

There’s also a Suicide Squad-inspired slot game, with the onscreen characters based upon the 2016 movie (i.e. Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Jared Leto as the Joker). The title is also part of the DC Super Heroes jackpot network, which randomly pays out one of four sizable jackpot wins!


  1. The Green Lantern

Hugely enjoyable comic book character? Check. Star of a diverse array of online games? Check. Seamless transition into cinema? Hmm, not so much.

The Green Lantern might not have set movie fans ablaze with enjoyment, but the teal-tinged superhero has been the focal point of many superb online games.

From Emerald Adventures to Crimson Clash, the Green Lantern has appeared in a wide array of titles, and he even has his own eponymous slot game, with every spin offering 243 different ways to win.


  1. Superman

There have been so many games based upon the Superman character and his many adversaries down the years, and while these range from the good and the bad to the downright bizarre, it’s arguably Superman: The Man of Steel that is the pick of the bunch.

Originally released on the Sega consoles (Genesis and Mega Drive), the game is now readily available online in its ‘emulated’ form. Your mission is to take down Brainiac and his cronies, picking up power-ups and using them to demolish the villains in your path.

There’s also a Superman casino game, and in a cool twist, this is actually based upon the legendary 1978 movie starring Christopher Reeves – it includes the special feature ‘Save the Day’, so why not give it a try using an online casino no-deposit bonus from BonusSeeker?


  1. The Joker

Everyone’s favorite villain is a staple of the online gaming world.

From console games to platform adventures on sideways-scrolling screens, trying to take down the clown has never been so much fun.

There simply isn’t enough space to outline all of the Joker games that you can play online, but just some of the finest options available include Arkham Asylum Breakout, Batman: Return of the Joker, and the excellent Injustice series, which is a collection of Street Fighter-style beat ’em ups featuring the Joker, Batman, Iron Man and many more into the bargain – these are available for Apple and Android devices from the relevant app stores.

If you love The Dark Knight movie, then be sure to check out the slot game of the same name. Officially licensed from DC Comics, this features the sadly departed Heath Ledger in the title role, as well as Batman, Two-Face, Commissioner Gordon, and a number of fun surprises.


  1. Batman

Of course, top spot has to be reserved for the comic book hero that has surely been the subject of more online games than any other.

Whether he’s going it alone, teaming up with Robin or Catwoman, tackling an arch-nemesis such as the Joker, or being dropped into the Justice League universe, Batman is an integral figure in bringing these incredible worlds to life.

Older readers will remember the Batman games of the Amiga and the Mega Drive, many of which you can enjoy in their emulated form online today, and if you do have a PS4, then be sure to check out Arkham Asylum if you haven’t already – this is a jaw-dropping game by any measure.

Do you want to step into the shoes of the superhero while trying to win real-money prizes? Fire up Batman And Catwoman Cash, the slot game that serves up a generous payout rate and the retro stylings of the Adam West era of the character.

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