Comic Book Coffee, number 126: Avengers volume 3 #4

Comic Book Coffee, number 126: Avengers volume 3 #4, penciled by George Perez, inked by Al Very & Bob Wiacek, written by Kurt Busiek, colored by Tom Smith and lettered by Richard Starkings & Comicraft, published by Marvel Comics in May 1998.

Following the events of “Onslaught” and “Heroes Reborn,” the Avengers have at long last returned to their own reality. Having defeated the mystical menace of Morgan Le Fay, the core members of the team, along with new federal liaison Duane Freedman, sit down to work towards forming a new permanent line-up. There are a lot of potential members to review… and that means drinking plenty of coffee to stay awake. Duane even has his very own “Earth’s Mightiest Coffee” mug for his java.

Among his many, many credits during a four and a half decade career, artist George Perez had two epic runs on Avengers. The first time he drew Earth’s Mightiest Heroes was from 1975 to 1978, paired with writers Steve Englehart and Jim Shooter. Perez returned to the Avengers in the late 1990s, this time working with Marvels and Astro City writer Kurt Busiek for a three year run. Busiek & Perez then reunited in 2003 for the epic JLA / Avengers crossover that at long last brought together  DC and Marvel’s two superstar teams.

In addition to being an incredible artist, Perez was also known to be a genuinely good person who was beloved by his colleagues and who always made time for his numerous fans. After a long battle with cancer, Perez passed away on May 6th. He was 67 years old. Perez leaves behind an incredible legacy. He will definitely be missed.

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