Comic Book Coffee, number 124: My Life and Welcome to It

Comic Book Coffee, number 124: My Life and Welcome to It: A Daily Comic Journal, written & drawn by Richard John Marcej, published online on August 18, 2020.

Richard John Marcej’s daily journal in comic book form is simultaneously poignant and humorous, offering insightful reflections of life during the recent social, political & economic turmoil. “Let Sleeping Cats Lie” features both of my ongoing subjects to spotlight, coffee and cats. My Life and Welcome to It can be read both on the website The Blabbing Baboon Presents and on his Facebook page.

After graduating art school Marcej worked for a short time in animation (the movie “Creepshow”) then moved to Rhode Island and worked as a Package Designer / Illustrator / Toy Designer with Hasbro (his first day on the job Hasbro had just gotten a toy called “Transformers”). In his five years there he worked on every Boys Toy including creating all of the figures for the toy “Army Ants.”

Next he was recruited for Hallmark and worked there for 11 years, where he created / illustrated a TON of greeting cards, which included Looney Tunes, Disney, Marvel, etc… During his time there he got to spend a day with Charles Schulz.

During this time he started a self publishing comic company called “Baboon Books.” He wrote and drew a couple types of comic series and eventually published some other comics for other cartoonists.

Into the 2000’s he was Art Director for Concord Confections and Tootsie Roll, creating and illustrating many candy and gum packages. Then, for about 9 years he was Senior Designer for K’NEX toys.

Elaborating on the origins of My Life and Welcome to it, Marcej explains…

“On February of 2010 I began writing / drawing a daily comic based on my everyday life. At first, I did this just for myself. Many of the early comics are rough and rushed. I eventually began posting them online and they’ve gotten tighter and much better. I’ve drawn over 3200 comics, 10 years and counting. I’d love to build up a readership and eventually get them published in a book. I want to achieve my dream of being a professional cartoonist. Perhaps someday…..”

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