Comic Book Coffee, number 116: Amazing Spider-Man #593

Comic Book Coffee, number 116: Amazing Spider-Man #593 cover, penciled by Joe Quesada, inked by Danny Miki and colored by Morry Hollowell, published by Marvel Comics in July 2009.

Huge kudos to Cousin Dick Guion for locating this one. He tagged me in a post and wrote “Ben Herman now has me thinking of coffee every time I look at a comic! By coincidence I came across this 2009 cover by Joe Quesada for Amazing Spider-Man 593 featuring the strip’s favorite coffee hangout since 1962!”

Here’s a quote Cousin Dick located wherein Quesada explains the creative process for this cover:

“The first thing I looked into was creating a definitive logo for the Coffee Bean and signage. While it had been drawn in the interior of a few books, I wanted to clean it up a bit and create a graphic that other artists could use on a consistent basis whenever they needed it. I did a few pencil doodles and then sent those doodles to one of our in-house designers. This logo was fully realized by the immensely talented Patrick McGrath.”

Thanks so much, Cousin Dick!

Joe Quesada was born in New York City and grew up in Jackson Heights, Queens. He graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 1984. Among Quesada’s earliest comic book work was drawing Jack C. Harris’ update of the Golden Age superhero The Ray in 1992, and drawing several stories and covers for Valiant Comics. With writer/editor Denny O’Neil he co-created Azrael, the character who briefly, and violently, replaced Batman in the Knighfall crossover.

Quesada and frequent inking partner Jimmy Palmiotti co-founded Event Comics. Quesada’s work on the Event books resulted in him overseeing the Marvel Knights line of books in 1998, which in turn led to him becoming Marvel’s editor-in-chief from 2000 to 2011. He has since worked as Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer.

A detailed & meticulous artist, over the past two decades Quesada has for the most part focused on drawing dynamic covers for Marvel. Amazing Spider-Man #593 is an excellent example of his work in this capacity.

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