Comic Book Coffee, number 115: Immortal Hulk #43

Comic Book Coffee, number 115: Immortal Hulk #43, penciled by Joe Bennett, inked by Ruy Jose & Belardino Brabo, written by Al Ewing, lettered by VC’s Cory Petit and colored by Paul Mounts, published by Marvel Comics in April 2021.

Immortal Hulk is a superhero horror story. If any classic Marvel character lends themselves to the horror genre, it would be the Hulk, who started out as a cross between the Frankenstein Monster and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. At this point in the narrative Bruce Banner has apparently gone to Hell itself, leaving his body in the control of the cunning, brutal Grey Hulk, aka Mr. Fixit. Fixit considers his latest strange circumstances while having a cup of coffee at the local Starlin’s. Gotta love how the coffee shop is named after the creator of Thanos.

Brazilian-born artist Joe Bennet is one of those really good, solid pencilers who I do not think receives nearly enough recognition. He has a dynamic, detailed style, but his storytelling is always clear & solid. His work on this page is a good demonstration of that. Bennett made his debut drawing Green Hornet for Now Comics in the early 1990s, followed by Ravage 2099 and Nightmare for Marvel. Since then he’s penciled a diverse selection of titles for DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, Valiant and Dynamite.

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