Comic Book Coffee, number 108: Archie’s Double Digest Magazine #175

Comic Book Coffee, number 108: Archie’s Double Digest Magazine #175, written & penciled by Fernando Ruiz, inked & lettered by Jon D’Agostino and colored by Lee Vitout, published by Archie Comics in January 2007.

This is strictly speaking not a coffee drinking page, but it’s close enough, and much too funny not to spotlight. The showboating Reggie Mantle successfully sleds down Cracked Skull Hill, impressing all of the local teenage girls. Seeking to outdo his eternal rival, Archie Andrews decided to have a go at sledding down Buryem Buff, the highest peak in Riverdale. I sure hope Archie’s medical insurance is paid up! Archie does indeed get the attention of the local ladies… along with everyone else, when his sled goes flying off a cliff, depositing him in a giant coffee cup on a nearby billboard. Okay, forget the medical insurance; let’s hope Archie can afford a good lawyer!

A graduate of The Kubert School, Fernando Ruiz has been writing & drawing for Archie Comics for over two decades.  He has worked on most of the company’s flagship characters, as well as the darkly comedic Archie vs. Predator intercompany crossover with Dark Horse. Since 2016 Ruiz and fellow Archie alumni Dan Parent have collaborated on the creator owned series Die Kitty Die, a satire of the comic book industry. Kitty Ravencraft is a beautiful young witch and the star of her own comic book. When her greedy publisher wants to increase interest in his company, he sets out to kill Kitty both within the comic and in real life!

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