Comic Book Coffee, number 105: Team Youngblood #10

Comic Book Coffee, number 105: Team Youngblood #10, penciled by Chap Yaep, inked by Jon Sibal & Marlo Alquiza, written by Rob Liefeld & Eric Stephenson, lettered by Kurt Hathaway and colored by Linda Medley & Chris Lichtner, published by Extreme Studios / Image Comics in June 1994.

For better or worse, Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Studios was a central fixture of early Image Comics. From interviews it’s obvious that Liefeld really loves comic books, and he churned out a literal army of characters to populate the Extreme titles. Co-writer & editor Eric Stephenson then often did a solid job of fleshing these characters out.

One of the much-appreciated qualities of Stephenson’s writing on the Extreme titles was the inclusion of downtime scenes in-between the wall-to-wall explosive action. Here we see Youngblood members Cougar and Photon sitting down for a cup of coffee.

Chap Yaep was one of a number of Liefeld-inspired pencilers who worked for Extreme. He made his professional debut at 19 years old. In text piece for the first issue of Team Youngblood, Liefeld wrote “a young newcomer named Chap Yaep would send me samples of his work, of which I would be immediately impressed by and… would contact and later meet him face to face in San Diego at the Comicon in the Summer of ’92. Chap would later join Extreme and was handed the assignment of the first Youngblood Yearbook.”

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