Comic Book Coffee, number 103: The Atom #19

Comic Book Coffee, number 103: The Atom #19, penciled by Gil Kane, inked by Sid Green, written by Gardner Fox and lettered by Gasper Saladino, published by DC Comics in June-July 1965.

The motion of artist Gil Kane’s figures has often been likened to ballet dancers and trapeze artists. This page featuring the size-shrinking Atom surprising a trio of coffee-drinking bank robbers counting their ill-gotten gains certainly illustrates that quality of Kane’s dynamic work.

Gil Kane was born Eli Katz in Riga, Latvia on April 6, 1926. His family immigrated to the United States three years later, and he grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Kane attended the School of Industrial Art, and in 1941, at 15 years old, he started his career in comic books. Kane, working with writer John Broom and editor Julius Schwartz, successfully re-imagined Green Lantern for DC Comics in 1959, and a year later Kane, Schwartz and writer Gardner Fox did the same for the Atom. 1960s Kane was one of the first American creators to venture into creator-owned projects with His Name Is… Savage and Blackmark. He worked at Marvel Comics during the 1970s, and also did some design work for animation. Kane passed away in January 2000 at the age of 73.

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