Comic Book Coffee, number 102: Catwoman vol 2 #6

Comic Book Coffee, number 102: Catwoman vol 2 #6, penciled by Brad Rader, inked by Cameron Stewart, written by Ed Brubaker, lettered by Willie Schubert and colored by Matt Hollingsworth, published by DC Comics in June 2002.

As with Comic Book Cats, I am bringing Comic Book Coffee back as an occasional feature, rather than a daily series. Whenever I happen to come across coffee-related work by an artist I have not yet spotlighted I will feature it here.

Not that what went before it was necessarily bad, but the soft reboot of Catwoman in 2002 written by Ed Brubaker, taking the character into a noir-inspired direction, was definitely of a high quality. After four issues drawn by the amazing Darwyn Cooke, the unenviable task of following him up fell to penciler Brad Rader and inker Cameron Stewart, who also did excellent work.

On a page featuring Selina Kyle and Holly Robinson, we get both coffee AND cats! The storytelling by Rader here is really effective and well-executed.

Rader had previously drawn The Batman Adventures for DC and The Mark for Dark Horse. More recently he’s done several issues of Dynamite’s comic book adaptation of Bob’s Burgers. Rader has also worked extensively as a storyboard artist on a wide variety of animated series.

Stewart is another accomplished artist who several issues later took over the full art chores on the Catwoman series. He subsequently worked on Batgirl and Batman Incorporated.

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