Comic Book Characters Who Love Gambling

Comic books are popular across the globe. Their popularity is partly attributed to their ability to tell a captivating story. They also feature characters that have human qualities.

Just like you love Gclub and other casino games, there are several comic book characters who are into gambling. Here’s a look at some of these comic book characters.


Gambit is one of the most passionate card lovers in the comic world. His life revolves around gambling, from his choice of weapons to his prowess at virtually every gambling game.

The most notable thing about Gambit is that he doesn’t really use his card skills to promote his criminal activities. He simply loves gambling, and his gimmicks and tricks are impressive.



A character in DC Comics comic books, Two-Face is one of Batman’s greatest enemies. His alter ego is the infamous District Attorney of Gotham, Harvey Dent, who is a betting enthusiast.

There are several different versions of how the left side of Harvey Dent’s face gets horribly scarred. But after the accident, he assumes the character of Two-Face, a criminal who flips a coin every time he wants to decide on what wicked acts to commit.

In “The Dark Knight” (2008), Two-Face decides the fates of Batman, Jim Gordon, and his son by flipping a coin.



Gambler made his comic debut when he appeared against Green Lantern. He was one of the original Injustice Society’s founding members.

He comes from a lineage of gamblers and adopted his name in memory of his grandfather. He is a criminal mastermind, specializing in train and bank robberies.



Many comic book enthusiasts remember this classic character for his love of card games as well as his love of action.

Officially known as Roland Hamilton, Ace is a son of a renowned New York Banker. He grows to become an avid gambler, only to later join World War II and become a member of the Deadly Dozen.

His fellow soldiers nicknamed him Ace because he always “aced” their recreational card games. Other comic enthusiasts remember Ace, though, for his violent outbursts rather than his exceptional card skills.


The Penguin

The Penguin, also known as Cobblepot, made his comic book debut in the 1941’s Detective Comics. He rules the Gotham underworld from his nightclub and casino, known as the Iceberg Casino.

The casino serves as a hideout where his criminal colleagues can safely gamble, drink, and plot their next criminal missions.



The most remarkable thing about Chance is that he is not only a passionate gambler when he is in complete supervillain mode, but also a professional gambler by day. As a professional, he is known as the affluent and successful Nicholas Powell.

When he becomes bored with his flamboyant life, Chance decides to become a criminal for hire. He develops a payment system that works like gambling. And he only gets paid if he accomplishes his mission successfully. If the mission fails, he considers it a lost bet and forfeits his fee.

Which of these gambling comic book characters would love Gclub as much as its players do?


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