Comic Book Cats, number four: Captain Ginger #1

Comic Book Cats, number four: Captain Ginger #1, penciled by June Brigman, inked by Roy Richardson, written by Stuart Moore, lettered by Jimmy Betancourt and colored by Veronica Gandini, published by Ahoy Comics in October 2018.
Captain Ginger is set in the far distant future. The human race has apparently been completely wiped out by a mysterious, aggressive alien race known as the Lumen. One of humanity’s last acts before becoming extinct was to genetically engineer a group of cats to human levels of intelligence. These cats, only a few decades removed from their abrupt artificial evolution, are now fleeing from the Lumen aboard an old, broken-down spaceship, struggling to understand the failing human technology and to reconcile their natural instincts with their newly-enhanced intellects.
Leading this motley group of cosmo-cats is Captain Ginger. As many a human has observed over the centuries, it’s impossible to herd cats, and Ginger finds this out first-hand as he endeavors to save this fiercely-individualistic colony of felines from extinction. Plus, y’know, there’s that whole terrifying “cats now having to scoop out their own litter boxes” thing to deal with! ????
Brigman & Richardson’s artwork for Captain Ginger is wonderful. It’s a very effective balance of serious and cute, of danger and comedy. They do a great job of drawing the various cats, of giving them distinctive personalities.
It’s not surprising that Brigman & Richardson created such engaging artwork. After all, both of them love cats. Ginger and Mittens are actually based on two cats they adopted when they moved to Atlanta.

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