Comic Book Cats, number eight: The Collected Counter Attack!

Comic Book Cats, number eight: The Collected Counter Attack! written & drawn by Alisa Harris, published in 2014.
Alisa Harris is a Queens-based artist. Michele and I first met her in May 2011 at the Mini Zine Fest held at Pete’s Candy Store, a bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Among the mini-comics that Harris had for sale was Counter Attack, a cute series about her mischievous cats Moe and Fidget that she has been creating since 2005. (The series is so titled because, as Harris explains “Any cat will tell you: the best position of attack is from the kitchen counter.”)
I found Counter Attack to be adorable. Harris did a fantastic job investing the illustrated versions of Moe and Fidget with the personalities they possess in real life. Anyone who has ever had a cat can tell you that felines have very distinctive temperaments. They can be funny and adorable and mischievous and bossy, often all within the space of a few minutes!
Harris’ ability to capture those qualities, as well as her charming art style, made Counter Attack a big success. The comics kept selling out and she was constantly re-printing them. Harris ran a Kickstarter campaign to fund a collected hardcover edition of Counter Attack, with brand new material included.
Here is the cover and two of the pages from the book. Copies can be purchased on Harris’ website:

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