Comic Book Cats, number 96: Scream! #5

Comic Book Cats, number 96: Scream! #5, drawn by John Richardson, written by Simon Furman and lettered by Peter Knight, published by IPC on 21st April 1984.
“Terror of the Cats” was a serial that ran through the first six issues of the short-lived British horror anthology magazine Scream! One day ordinary domestic cats suddenly become vicious killers. Reporter Allen Woodward attempts to discover the cause of this catastrophe before humanity is wiped out by their former feline friends.
The first two chapters are credited to “Gonzalez.” The remaining installments were drawn by John Richardson, an artist who worked for various British publishers, drawing stories within a variety of genres. As seen by his work on “Terror of the Cats” he was certainly adept at rendering horror.
The entire run of Scream! can be read online:

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