Comic Book Cats, number 93: Captain Marvel Jr. #8

Comic Book Cats, number 93: Captain Marvel Jr. #8, drawn by Al Carreno and written by Otto Binder, published by Fawcett in June 1943.
A couple of weeks ago, when I spotlighted Carol Danvers and her cat, someone lamented the absence of the original Captain Marvel published by Fawcett. Well so far I haven’t found any cat pages featuring Bill Batson, other than Tawky Tawny of course, but this issue of Captain Marvel Jr. has Freed Freeman discovering eight exactly identical alley cats.
Freddy quickly learns that these copied kitties are the result of Nazi mad scientist Dr. Witz and his cell-splitting ray. Freddy turns into Captain Marvel Junior to fight against Witz. Junior eventually uses the ray on himself, resulting in multiple Marvels to bash an army of duplicated goose-steppers.
Mexican-born artist Al Carreno worked for several comic book publishers during the 1940s and 50s. His artwork appeared in numerous issues of Captain Marvel Jr., Master Comics, and Whiz Comics from Fawcett.

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