Comic Book Cats, number 86: Marvel Graphic Novel #3: Dreadstar

Comic Book Cats, number 86: Marvel Graphic Novel #3: Dreadstar, written & drawn by Jim Starlin and lettered by Tom Orzechowski, published by Marvel Comics in July 1982.

Jim Starlin’s creator-owned character Vanth Dreadstar, originally introduced in the apocalyptic “Metamorphosis Odyssey,” first stepped into a starring role in the beautifully-illustrated third Marvel Graphic Novel. Early on in this story Vanth, having seen enough destruction to last a lifetime, settles down on the agrarian planet Caldor. He learns from the scientist Delilah the origins of the People, the humanoid cats who live on Caldor. The fanatical Instrumentality attempted to cross-breed cats and humans to develop super-warriors to use in their war against the Monarchy, only to instead create a group of peaceful herbivores.

After the People are wiped out by the Monarchy, Dreadstar sets out to gain revenge and end the galactic conflict that has raged for 200 years. Among those who join him are Oedi, the last surviving member of the People. This story ran through the amazing and often-disturbing ongoing Dreadstar series initially published by Epic / Marvel.

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