Comic Book Cats, number 77: Strangers in Paradise #75

Comic Book Cats, number 77: Strangers in Paradise #75, written & drawn by Terry Moore, published by Abstract Studio in July 2005.

I previously spotlighted Merry Moore’s long-running soap opera / crime series Strangers in Paradise in a Comic Book Coffee entry. Michele is a huge fan of the series, and she suggested I showcase this two page sequence for Comic Book Cats. Here we see series co-star Francine and her then-husband Brad, as well as her mother’s cat Maggie…. or, as Maggie considers herself, Slash, a fierce lion, and king of the jungle. I love that look on Maggie’s face on the second panel of page two. What a crazy kitty! ????

I cannot give you all that much backstory on SiP, because I still haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. Michele keeps recommending it, so hopefully one of these days.

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