Comic Book Cats, number 73: House of Mystery #186

Comic Book Cats, number 73: House of Mystery #186, drawn by Bernie Wrightson, written by Robert Kanigher and lettered by Irving Watanabe, published by DC Comics in May 1970.
“The Secret of the Egyptian Cat” is the tale of Isha, a beautiful priestess in ancient Egypt who is transformed into a cat by Konassos, an evil sorcerer. Millennia later, in the present day, Konassos is now rooming, in Cain’s House of Mystery. Isha, still imprisoned in the form of a cat, at long last gains the opportunity to obtain revenge on her tormentor, and by the story’s end, the tables have turned on Konassos, who receives his just desserts.
Bernie Wrightson was the absolute master at drawing highly detailed moody, atmospheric artwork. The horror anthologies published by DC in the Bronze Age were the perfect venue for Wrightson’s talents. He did a stunning job illustrating “The Secret of the Egyptian Cat.” Wrightson’s artwork on this story is both beautiful and eerie. His depictions of the cats are certainly distinctive.
Wrightson passed away in 2017 at the age of 68. He left behind a rich artistic legacy.

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