Comic Book Cats, number 72: Howling Mad

Comic Book Cats, number 72: Howling Mad, cover artwork by Norman Mingo, published by Signet / New American Library in October 1967.
This paperback tie-in with Mad magazine features a cover by longtime Mad artist Norman Mingo that sees Alfred E. Neuman and a quartet of stray cats keeping the neighborhood up late at night.

Longtime magazine illustrator Norman Mingo, who was born in 1896, was already 60 years old when he was hired by William Gaines & Al Feldstein in 1956 to come up with “a definitive portrait” for Alfred E. Neuman, a public doman character who had become the magazine’s mascot.

Mingo went on to paint 97 covers for Mad, as well as numerous others for their reprint specials and paperback editions, such as this one, making him one of Mad’s most prolific cover artists. Mingo passed away in May 1980 at the age of 84.

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