Comic Book Cats, number 66: Witchblade #162

Comic Book Cats, number 66: Witchblade #162, penciled by Diego Bernard, inked by Fred Benes & Alisson Rodrigues, written by Tim Seeley, lettered by Troy Peteri and colored by Arif Prianto & Beny Maulana, published by Top Cow / Image Comics in December 2012.

Police detective Sara Pezzini, the current holder of the ancient mystical weapon known as the Witchblade, is taking a rare day off from solving crime and fighting demons. Going to see a Cubs game with stage magician Cain Jorgenson, Sara gets to hear about the true story behind the cursed black cat that cost Chicago the opportunity to go to the World Series back in 1969, and which has deprived the Cubs of the championship ever since.

Sometimes the Top Cow books still veer way too much into the grim & gritty, blood & guts, and T&A ethos of the early 1990s, so it’s nice when they do humorous bits such as this, and a vengeful sorceress sending her cat familiar to exact revenge on a man in 1969, only for it to be lured into Shea Stadium where it accidentally curses the Cubs, is a pretty wacky anecdote.

Of course, none of this explains the Cubs’ losses going all the way back to 1908, and they did FINALLY win the World Series again in 2016. Mind you, the way the Mets have been playing the last several years, I think that cursed black cat has taken up permanent residence at Citi Field.

Brazilian artist Diego Bernard penciled Witchblade for 18 issues, after which he worked for Valiant Comics and on Lady Death. As demonstrated here, he is also adept at drawing more down-to-Earth elements such as baseball and cats.

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