Comic Book Cats, number 65: Top 10 #6

Comic Book Cats, number 65: Top 10 #6, layouts by Zander Cannon, penciled & inked by Gene Ha, written by Alan Moore, lettered by Todd Klein and colored by Alex Sinclair, published by America’s Best Comics / DC Comics in February 2000.

Top 10 is a police procedural set in Neopolis, a city where every inhabitant has superpowers. That even includes the mice. So if you need to clear out a rodent infestation you are probably going to need to call in an exterminator who has access to Atom Cats.

Moore told some great stories and created a really engaging cast of characters with Cannon & Ha on Top 10. If you have not read Top 10 then I recommend it. I still need to check out the sequels, though. Hopefully in the near future.

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