Comic Book Cats, number 59: Hero Cats #12

Comic Book Cats, number 59: Hero Cats #12, penciled by Omaka Schultz, inked by Brandon Page, written by Kyle Puttkammer, lettered by Shannon Butt and colored by Julie Barclay, published by Action Lab Entertainment in August 2016.

Here’s another look at the really fun Hero Cats, this time penciled by the book’s second regular artist, Omaka Schultz, with inks by Brandon Page.

Several issues saw the Hero Cats on a series of adventures outside of Stellar City. This time the team arrives in Japan. Of course, you know what that means: cats versus ninjas! Ace and Midnight join forces with Bamboo, a mystical martial arts cat to rescue her sister Sakura, who has been kidnapped by the Kaze Clan in an attempt to start a war between the other villages.

Schultz & Page did a beautiful job illustrating this story, with vibrant coloring by Julie Barclay. I really like that splash page where Ace, Midnight, Bamboo and Sakura return by boat.

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