Comic Book Cats, number 54: Vampirella #38

Comic Book Cats, number 54: “Lucky Stiff” from Vampirella #38, drawn by Ramón Torrents and written by Gerry Boudreau & Carl Wessler, published by Warren in November 1974.

Harry Nada is stunned when Linda Craven, the beautiful young file clerk at his office, takes an immediate interest to him and invites him to stop by her place. Harry’s excitement quickly turns to terror when he discovers that Linda keeps a menagerie of ferocious cats who are hungry for fresh meat.

I previously spotlighted the work of Ramón Torrents in a Daily Comic Book Coffee entry. The Spanish artist was a regular contributor to Warren between 1973 and 1979. “Lucky Stiff” is a good example of his highly detailed art, simultaneously beautiful and horrific, featuring this femme fatale and her ferocious felines.

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