Comic Book Cats, number 35: Superman #53

Comic Book Cats, number 35: Superman vol 2 #53, written & penciled by Jerry Ordway, inked by Denis Janke, lettered by John Costanza and colored by Glenn Whitmore, published by DC Comics in March 1991.
Following on directly from yesterday’s entry, we have the aftermath of Clark Kent at long last revealing to Lois Lane that he is Superman. Lois is, of course, surprised and shocked, and unsure what to do next. Lois’ cat Elroy, on the other hand, is acting totally chill, because being a cat Elroy must have known Clark was Superman all along. Elroy is probably thinking to himself “You silly human, all you had to do was sniff Clark and Superman to know they were the same person!” ????
Okay, seriously, I previously spotlighted Jerry Ordway’s work in Comic Book Coffee. He is a great artist, and this page really demonstrates his storytelling abilities. He invests it with a lot of emotion. I also like that scene transition in the bottom two panels. Really good stuff all around.

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