Comic Book Cats, number 31: Binky #75

Comic Book Cats, number 31: Binky #75, written & drawn by Henry Scarpelli, published by DC Comics in Oct-Nov 1970.
A teen humor title that started out as Leave It To Binky, towards the end of its run it was definitely attempting to evoke the feel of Archie Comics. A couple of the later issues of Binky contained humor shorts featuring the Cross-Eyed Pussycat, a feline who also showed up in Swing With Scooter, another of DC’s teen humor books.
The artist on these Cross-Eyed Pussycat shorts is Henry Scarpelli, who also worked for Dell, Marvel, and Charlton. In 1973 he began working for Archie Comics, where he became one of their regular artists.

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