Comic Book Cats, number 26: Daredevil #109

Comic Book Cats, number 26: Daredevil #109, penciled by Bob Brown, inked by Don Heck, written by Steve Gerber, lettered by Artie Simek and colored by Petra Goldberg, published by Marvel Comics in May 1974.

This is not technically a cat page as it does not feature any examples of Felis catus, aka the domestic cat, but I am showcasing it anyway. Because, honestly, the dramatic arrival of the stunning Shannah the She-Devil accompanied by her pet leopard and panther is a pretty damn impressive cat-related image.

Bob Brown is one of those good, solid artists from the Silver and Bronze Ages whose work often flew under the radar, but who you could always count on to turn in a professional job. Over the years I’ve developed more of an appreciation for Brown’s work. He is effectively inked here by Don Heck, another talented, underrated artist.

Comic book artist and fellow cat-lover Richard Howell owns the original artwork for this page. As he recounted on Facebook a few years ago:

“Once Mike Burkey informed me that he had a huge pile of inventory, all drawn by Bob Brown, I asked–in a perfectly non-insane tone of voice “Do you have the closing page of DAREDEVIL #109?” Mike–to understate the situation–was a tiny bit amazed that I a) remembered the page, and 2) plucked the remembrance (of things past) so immediately out of what Bob Brown non-splash page I would desire. It turns out that he did have it…for sale… (I think that he was a bit boggled that I cited that page over any other), so I bought it.”

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