Comic Book Cats, number 22: Master of Kung Fu #38

Comic Book Cats, number 22: Master of Kung Fu #38, co-plotted & penciled by Paul Gulacy, inked by Dan Adkins, written by Doug Moench, lettered by Annette Kawecki and colored by Petra Goldberg, published by Marvel Comics in March 1976.

In this issue, the stellar creative team of Moench & Gulacy introduced Shen Kuei, aka the Cat, as an adversary for their martial arts hero Shang-Chi. Appropriately enough the mood is set with Shang-Chi walking the darkened streets of Hong Kong, accompanied only by a heard of stray cats prowling after him. The first page features our protagonist’s philosophic introspection, while the second, other than a few sound effects, is free of dialogue & narration, allowing Gulacy’s expert storytelling to carry the scene.

These two pages are definitely a superb example of Gulacy’s work. The way he lays out this scene is just astonishing. The inking is by Dan Adkins, one of the best finishers Gulacy was paired with during the Bronze Age.

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