Comic Book Cats, number 20: Adventure Comics #364

Comic Book Cats, number 20: Adventure Comics #364, penciled & inked by Pete Costanza and written & laid out by Jim Shooter, published by DC Comics in January 1968.

“The Revolt of the Super-Pets” is drawn by Pete Costanza, who was one of the most prolific artists on Captain Marvel from Fawcett Comics throughout the 1940s. Following the discontinuation of Fawcett’s comic book line, Costanza worked for Classics Illustrated and on various titles for ACG. He drew a number of stories for Superman-related titles in the late 1960s and early 70s. Costanza passed away in 1984 at ages 71.

We’ve previously seen Streaky the Supercat and Krypto the Superdog. The two eventually ended their rivalry and became members of the Super-Pets. Often traveling 1000 years into the future, the Super-Pets popped up in several Legion of Super-Heroes stories. “The Revolt of the Super-Pets” sees a group of criminals tricking the Super-Pets into fighting the Legion. That sort of thing happened a lot in the Silver Age. At the top of this page, we have a very bizarre shape-changing battle between Chameleon Boy and Proty. Following that is Krypto ramming Colossal Boy in the eye. Then we have the highlight of this tale, Streaky single-handedly knocking out half of the Legion. I tell ya, folks, don’t mess with cats! ????

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