Comic Book Cats, number 196: Power Girl #5

Comic Book Cats, number 196: Power Girl #5 cover drawn by Gary Frank and colored by Brad Anderson, published by DC Comics in March 2024

Streaky the Supercat is peacefully napping. His owner Power Girl imagines that Streaky is having a pleasant dream about frolicking outside with the butterflies amongst the flowers. In fact, Streaky’s dream actually sees him fighting against a fleet of evil alien dogs in outer space!

Acclaimed comic book artist Gary Frank began his career in the early 1990s working for Marvel UK on Doctor Who Magazine and Motormouth & Killpower. In 1992 he was paired with writer Peter David on incredible Hulk at Marvel Comics. David and Frank reunited at DC Comics in 1996 for Supergirl. Frank became the artist on Gen 13 for Image / Wildstorm in 1997. He subsequently worked with writer J. Michael Straczynski on the creator-owned series Midnight Nation at Image in 2000, followed by Supreme Power at Marvel in 2003.

In the past two decades Frank has worked on a variety of characters & series, including several collaborations with writer Geoff Johns. Recently he and several other creators announced the formation of Ghost Machine, a media company which will be publishing creator-owned projects thru Image, with Frank illustrating the post-apocalyptic series Geiger.

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