Comic Book Cats, number 194: Chilling Adventures of Salem #1

Comic Book Cats, number 194: Chilling Adventures of Salem #1, penciled by Dan Schoening, inked by Ben Galvin & Dan Schoening, written by Cullen Bunn, colored by Matt Herms and lettered by Jack Morelli, published by Archie Comics in October 2022.

A spin-off from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, this one-shot featuring Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s familiar was released this month for Halloween. In this tale Salem the cat is captured by an evil sorcerer who is attempting to control an army of demons by trapping them in the bodies of animals. So far the sorcerer has been successful, but he makes the mistake of then attempting it with Salem, not realizing the feline is already a supernatural being. The sorcerer very quickly comes to regret his actions.

Canadian artist Dan Schoening graduated from animation school in 2000 and has worked for Disney and Pixar. Since 2010 he has been one of the regular artists on the various Ghostbusters comic book series published by IDW. Schoening has also worked for Archie Comics and drawn several covers for DC Comics.

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