Comic Book Cats, number 192: Zits

Comic Book Cats, number 192: Zits written by Jerry Scott and drawn by Jim Borgman, published on July 17, 2022.

Zits features intelligent yet lazy high school student Jeremy Duncan and his long-suffering parents Connie and Walter. Jeremy, who dreams of becoming a rock star, has a one-eyed tabby cat named Clapton. As we can see here, Jeremy and Clapton have quite a lot in common.

Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman have both been working professionally since the mid 1970s. In the mid 1990s while on vacation in Sedona, AZ, the two cartoonists met up, and Scott pitched the idea of a cartoon about a teenager. They have been creating the daily Zits comic strip since 1997. Zits appears in more than 1,600 newspapers worldwide in 45 countries and is translated into 15 different languages.

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