Comic Book Cats, number 19: Frankie Comics #3

Comic Book Cats, number 19: Frankie Comics #3, written & drawn by Rachel Dukes, published by Mix Tape Comics in November 2014
Rachel Dukes’ mini-comic Frankie Comics is absolutely adorable, a really cute look at quirky cat behavior. I met Dukes a couple of times at Mocca Fest, where I picked up copies of the first and third issues. I still need the second one.
In this two page sequence Dukes demonstrates that Frankie has a very cat-like approach to “helping” out his humans.
Dukes showed me a photo of the real-life Frankie, who looks very much like one of my two cats, Nettie Netzach. Judging by the antics Dukes portrays in her comic, they also act alike. Michele suggested they could be long lost, sisters. You never know.

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