Comic Book Cats, number 175: How To Cat

Comic Book Cats, number 175: How To Cat by Lucas Turnbloom, published online on September 10, 2020 and March 23, 2021.

How To Cat is a web comic inspired by cartoonist Lucas Turnbloom’s rescue cat. As a fellow cat-owner, I can certainly vouch for the authenticity of his experiences! In the first cartoon we see how challenging it can be to put down clean sheets.  In the second the tendency of cats’ attitudes to change from total disinterest to enthusiastic adoration the instant food is involved.

Lucas Turnbloom previously illustrated the children’s graphic novel Dragon and Captain written by P. R. Allabach and co-created the two book Dream Jumper series with Greg Grunberg. Turnbloom has been creating How To Cat since December 2017.

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