Comic Book Cats, number 171: Feature Comics #28

Comic Book Cats, number 171: Feature Comics #28, penciled & inked by Lou Fine and written & laid out by Will Eisner, published by Quality Comics in January 1940.

Doll Man was one of the myriad costumed crimefighters who made their debuts in the late 1930s and early 40s.  Scientist Darrell Dance is reduced in to a diminutive state while still retaining his ordinary full-sized strength. Having been introduced in the previous issue of Feature Comics, in his second appearance Darrell dons a costume and sets out to fight the villainous Dr. Rodent, who is blowing up merchant ships by tying dynamite to trained rats! Darrell’s white cat Tippy is definitely startled to see her human, shrunk down to miniscule size, running past her! ????

Lou Fine studied at Grand Central Art School and the Pratt Institute.  He entered the comic book biz in 1938, going to work for the Eisner & Iger shop which produced complete comic books for several publishers during the nascent years of the industry. Fine did a great deal of work for Quality Comics. Eisner, who created Doll Man, credited Fine with designing the costume that made its debut in this story. Fine was one of the ghost artists on The Spirit newspaper comic while Eisner served in World War II. Fine subsequently worked in advertising and on several comic strips. He passed away in 1971 at the age of 56.

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