Comic Book Cats, number 161: Tomorrow Stories #3

Comic Book Cats, number 161: Tomorrow Stories #3, drawn & lettered by Kevin Nowlan and written by Alan Moore, published by America’s Best Comics / DC Comics in December 1999.

Cats always land on their feet, and buttered toast always falls to the floor butter-side down, so kid genius Jack B. Quick decides to see what happens when you spread butter on the back of a cat. Oh, that poor, poor kitty! ????

A few years ago this was a gag in a commercial, but Alan Moore & Kevin Nowlan got there first!

Kevin Nowlan has worked in comic books since 1983, both doing full artwork and providing inks / finishes over other pencilers, as well as providing numerous covers. He has a very distinctive, slick, polished style that is very well-regarded.

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