Comic Book Cats, number 150: House of Secrets #125

Comic Book Cats, number 150: House of Secrets #125, drawn by Luis Dominguez and written by E. Nelson Bridwell, published by DC Comics in November 1974.

“Catch as Cats Can” is the tale of the Baron Von Schlamm, who terrorizes his subjects. The Baron in particular hates cats. When his soldiers see a little girl who has a pet cat, they try to kill her, only to meet with misfortune each and every time. The Baron comes to believe the little girl is a witch, but when he strikes her he learns the truth: it is actually the CAT who is the witch. Soon this furry four-legged conjurer has exacted revenge on the cruel Baron. Yeah, that’s one mean-looking cat. Definitely shouldn’t have made her angry. ????

Argentinean artist Luis Dominguez drew a large number of stunning-looking horror stories for DC Comics, Gold Key, Skywald and Warren Publishing during the 1960s and 70s. He also worked on war and Western comics for Charlton and Jonah Hex for DC.

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