Comic Book Cats, number 15: All-New X-Factor #3

Comic Book Cats, number 15: All-New X-Factor #3 cover drawn by Kris Anka and colored by Jared Fletcher, published by Marvel Comics in April 2014.
I cannot say that I’ve ever been overly fond of the character Gambit. Cheesy costume, cheesy accent, cheesy powers, cheesy one-liners, and so on. I think Gambit would have worked much better if Chris Claremont had been around to use the original backstory he’d conceived for the character… but that’s a subject for another time.
However, Gambit clearly has one redeeming quality: he loves cats. Leave it to the super-talented Peter David, the writer of X-Factor, to once again take a character I previously did not care for and actually make him interesting.
Kris Anka has done a whole bunch of work for Marvel in the last several years. He certainly did a nice job on this cat-centric cover.

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