Comic Book Cats, number 148: Samurai Cat #2

Comic Book Cats, number 148: Samurai Cat #2, penciled by Frank Cirocco, inked by Jim Hummel, written by Ralph Macchio, lettered by Bill Oakley, and colored by Joe Rosas, published by Epic / Marvel Comics in August 1991.
Yesterday we saw one of the painted covers drawn by Mark E. Rogers for the comic book based on his Samurai Cat stories. Today we’re looking at a couple of interior pages by the team responsible for the adaptation. Continuing on his mission to avenge his fallen master, Samurai Cat teams up with Con-Ed the Barbarian against the evil magician Thpageti-Thoth. Hey, I told you yesterday this was a humorous series! ????
Frank Cirocco is the co-creator of Alien Legion with writers Carl Potts & Alan Zelenetz. He has also penciled The Defenders of Dynatron City and drawn covers for Amazing High Adventure, The Defenders, Doctor Strange, and The Incredible Hulk. Cirocco is married to fellow artist Lela Dowling.

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