Comic Book Cats, number 145: Catwoman: Her Sister’s Keeper #2

Comic Book Cats, number 145: Catwoman: Her Sister’s Keeper #2, penciled by J.J. Birch, inked by Michael Bair, written by

Mindy Newell, lettered by Agustin Mas and colored by Adrienne Roy, published by DC Comics in March 1989.
Building on the events of Batman: Year One, the four-issue Catwoman miniseries Her Sister’s Keeper told the post-Crisis origin of Selina Kyle, of how she went from homeless orphan to prostitute to a costumed thief.
In this scene, Selina and her roommate Holly, along with their numerous cats, learn that Selina’s sister Maggie has gone missing. Although she doesn’t reveal anything to the police, Selina quickly realizes that Maggie has been kidnapped by the sleazy, brutal Stan, who was once Selina and Holly’s pimp.
J.J. Birch is the pen name of Joseph Brozowski, an artist who got his start in the mid-1970s working for Charlton Comics and Neal Adams’ Continuity Studios. He also penciled Firestorm, Xombi, and various Who’s Who profiles for DC. On the Catwoman miniseries, he was inked by Michael Bair, a very accomplished artist who has done both pencils and inking at DC, Marvel, Valiant, Caliber Press, and Crusade Entertainment.

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