Comic Book Cats, number 143: Astonishing #19

Comic Book Cats, number 143: Astonishing #19, drawn by Ed Robbins, published by Atlas / Marvel Comics in November 1952.

“A Thousand Years” is the tale of scientist Timothy Wurnel, who invents a machine powered by “atomic gamma rays” for placing living beings into suspended animation. After successfully testing it on his cat, Tim uses it on himself, hoping to awaken a millennium in the future, where he hopes there will no longer be crime or wars. Tim does indeed revive to a peaceful golden age, but it is a future that is ruled by cats, specifically talking, bipedal, well-dressed cats. As the cats haul Tim off for execution, he discovers in the twist ending that it was his invention that caused cats to develop super-intelligence in the first place. Whoops! ????

The artist on this is Ed Robbins, who drew a number of stories for Timely and Atlas during the 1940s and 50s, along with several other Golden Age publishers. In the 1960s and 70s he did some work for DC Comics and Gold Key / Western.

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